Services to inspire individual and workplace transformation through the power

of purpose, presence and focus.


To make the world a better place by inspiring courageous leaders who are more compassionate and focused, enabling them to more skillfully lead their people and organizations with authentic connection, purposeful presence and positive impact.


Through interactive and immersive experiences, we integrate systems thinking, contemporary neuroscience and mindfulness with emotional intelligence, compassion, authenticity and data measurement to help leaders and their organizations flourish from the inside out.


You. Together, we help you cultivate leadership presence, a growth mindset and resilience to transform business-as-usual into a new business normal.

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Keynotes - Activate
  • Paradox, Prediction & Perception: Navigating Uncertainty & Complexity in Leadership & Life

  • Finding Your True North: Sweetspots, Vision & Values

  • Emotional Intelligence & The Adaptive Leader

  • Presence, Purpose & Impact: A Mindfulness Primer for The Modern Leader

  • Unconscious Bias: What It Is & Why It Matters

  • Rising Skills: The Power of Presence

  • Leading Forward: Performance, Belonging & Unity @ Work

  • Intercultural Competence: Cultivating Cohesive Team & High Performing Organizations

Trainings & Retreats - Integrate
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  • Leading Forward I: Introductory experience on how to lead skillfully and mindfully to create ecosystems of resilience, belonging and unity. Key explorations of mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, team building, and compassion in leadership and organizations.

  • Leading Forward II: A Deeper Dive - Includes Leading Forward I plus one of the following (or you may choose any of the programs below as stand-alone experiences):


  • True North Leadership: A five-day leadership development  program with assessments and one-on-one coaching based on True North Leadership principles and practices.

  • Search Inside Yourself®: Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence leadership experience (Keynotes, half-day, full-day and multi-day experiences)

  • DEIBA: Building Inclusive Leaders & Teams: A mindful and trauma sensitive approach to conversations about perception, bias, decision-making, behavior and cultural competence at work.

  • The EI Experience: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Capacity (Includes 360 EI Assessment and debrief)

  • Unconscious Bias: Turning Discovery & Awareness Into Action & Impact @ Work

  • Resilience and Flourishing: A Pathway to Purposeful Presence & A Meaningful Life

  • Intercultural Competence: A Practice and Pathway to Cultural Competence & Team Cohesion (Includes individual and team assessments using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment tool)

* Experiences are explored through an equity lens. Experienced through an equity lens means cultivation of leadership, followership, performance and human flourishing with woven discussions of unconscious bias, trauma, intersectionality, "Paradox, Prediction & Perception    ", microaggressions, psychological safety and culture & climate.

  • Lucenscia Compassion Projects:

    • Emotional Intelligence for Life: A One-Day Teen Retreat

    • A Bridge To Better: An Open Letter to Humanity with Resource Guide


Coaching & Assessment Tools - Illuminate
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  • Individual Coaching

    • Executives

    • Senior Leaders

    • Middle Managers

    • Emerging Leaders

  • Team Coaching

  • Assessment Tools:

    • Korn Ferry Emotional & Social Competency Inventory (ESCI, Korn)

    • Genos International Emotional Intelligence Assessment

    • IDI - Intercultural Development Inventory