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Reflections and meditations to inspire individual and workplace transformation through the power

of purpose, presence and focus.

Lucenscia Articles: Mindfulness, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence


Lucenscia Insights

Love in the Time of Corona: Navigating Uncertain Times With Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Compassion


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Lucenscia Insights

Unconscious Bias: Turning Discovery & Awareness Into Action & Impact 



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Lucenscia Insights

The Case for Compassionate Leadership


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Lucenscia Insights

Finding Your Power at Work, at Home and In Life

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Lucenscia Insights

Paradox, Prediction & PerceptionTM

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Course in Partnership with Mindful

Everyday Resilience: Moving from Overhwelm to Flourishing

This course is for you if you:

  • Would like practices to support your well-being, resilience, and capacity for inclusive leadership

  • Are looking for evidence-based practices to find calm and focus

  • Could use tools and practices to help when working with difficult people, situations and emotions


In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Practice simple and life-changing techniques to build resilience and develop grounded presence.

  • Access a state of calm and clarity, even during stressful times

  • Uncover your inherent capacity to thrive and flourish with expert guidance

  • Enable high performance and positive impact

This online video course includes:

  • Multiple video sessions with experienced an mindfulness teacher and business leader

  • Bonus audio practices and articles that you can download and take with you

  • Downloadable interactive, companion guide filled with practices, exercises, reflections, and resources designed to supplement video lessons in the course

  • Lifetime access to the course content, so you can return as needed

Course modules:

  1. Sense Making & Making Sense in Everyday Life

  2. The Brain (World View: Perception, Prediction, and Bias)

  3. Cultivating Resilience, Practicing Equanimity

  4. Moving from Thriving to Flourishing

Podcast  Interviews & Conversations

Out of Hours Podcast with Georgia Ritter

World Meditation Day Conversation with Prakriti Poddar, Global Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing for RoundGlass: Self-Awareness, Presence & the Wisdom of our Emotions

Insights at the Edge with Tami Simon of Sounds True: Compassion as a Super Power with Michelle Maldonado

The Garrison Institute Webinar Series, 

Conversation with Amy Ma about "Leading Awake."

Mindfulness Manufacturing Podcast series with manufacturing leader and expert, Trevor Blondeel,

A conversation about how we show up as leaders in manufacturing.

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute Speaker Series with Richard Fernandez, "Addressing Racism within Ourselves, Our Families, Communities and Organizations ... Mindfully."

Mindful Live with Heather Hurlock, Executive Editor, Mindful Magazine and, "Resilience for Divided Times."

Sacred Changemakers Podcast with Jayne Warrilow,

"An Invitation to Humanity, Creating Bridges to Better."

Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak, "The Starting Point for Mindfulness."

Guided Meditations
to Relax, Refuel & Replenish

Rise and ShineMichelle Maldonado
00:00 / 05:12
Just Like Me / Offering KindnessMichelle Maldonado
00:00 / 15:10
Bedtime Body ScanMichelle Maldonado
00:00 / 20:08
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