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Special collaborations to inspire individual and collective transformation in the world.

Emotional Intelligence for Life: A Leadership Retreat for Teens

See February 2020 retreat overview here.
About program lead, Michelle Maldonado here.


Cultivating Clarity, Compassion, Mindful Awareness & Resilience for High School & Beyond
While our company's primary work is with executives, senior leaders and teams across industries, we love creating unique programs each year for teens who otherwise would not have access to these experiences and holistic approach to life skills development. Our "Emotional Intelligence for Life" retreat was our special high school program for 2020.

Testimonials from

February 2020 Teen Retreat

“Thank you for offering such an incredible program for teens! My son enjoyed the retreat and came home with a new perspective on how he plans to interact with his peers. I highly recommend this program to all parents who are raising future leaders. Ms. Maldonado’s program engages teens and helps them assess their decisions-making skills and how to identify the best approach to everyday life challenges. The skills she teaches will have lifelong effects, as our teens become young adults who will one day make decisions not just for him or herself, but for others who will look to them for guidance.” 


​"My son went into this event hesitantly, but came out enthused and thrilled with the day. 'I was pleasantly surprised!' he said at the end of the day. He definitely paid close attention to the instructors and I think he will carry the lessons with him for quite some time. Thank you! :-)"         


"We thought the retreat would be good for our high school daughter, but the take away was more than we imagined. She learned life-long techniques to help her manage stress, and how she reacts to it and others around her. The wrap up outside was wonderful."

A Bridge To Better: A Family's Open Letter and Invitation to Humanity

with Free Resource Guide

Watch Maldonado Family's Reading of the Open Letter

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Community, Conversation and Wise Action-Taking to Transform Self & Society
Inspired by the family work of Roberto, Michelle and Trey Maldonado, their Open Letter and Invitation to Humanity, is a good place to start, but is not enough to create the sustainable and systemic change needed in our world today. This resource is intended to help inspire, ignite and fuel reflection, conversation and collaboration along with compassionate and wise action-taking across four transformation quadrants: Self, Family, Community and Organization. It is a resource to help us do our individual and collective work to transform ourselves and society.
​To learn more or download the Guide, please visit:
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