Inspiring Individual and Workplace Transformation
Through the Power of
Purpose, Presence and Focus

Mission: Lucenscia's mission is to help create more conscious leaders and organizations with more compassionate and positive impact in the world.


What We Do: We integrate systems thinking, contemporary neuroscience and mindfulness with emotional intelligence, compassion, authenticity and data measurement to help leaders and their organizations flourish.

Why We Do It: We want to make the world a better, kinder and more connected place. We focus on people and organizational ecosystems because they give each of us an opportunity to serve in the world with purpose, presence and positive impact. 

Who We Serve: You. Together, we help you cultivate leadership presence and resilience to  transform business-as-usual into a new business normal.

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Featured Article: The Case for Compassionate Leadership
As we collectively struggle to skillfully navigate the terrain of complex work environments as well as ever changing national and global dynamics, each of us is challenged to maintain emotional balance, to cultivate clarity of heart and mind, to discover and mitigate our biases (implicit and explicit) and move within the context of systemic frameworks that were designed to favor a few over the many.
As leaders of today’s communities and organizations, we are called on not only to do better, but to be better. That brings us to the journey of reconstituting our states of being so that we see, understand, and embody compassion as a way of being that informs our moment-to-moment doing as leaders.

Changemakers In Action

Working with leaders across industries to cultivate the conditions for individual, organizational and ecosystem transformation