Inner work. Outer impact.


"This work is simple, but not easy. In order for us to show up as more resilient, skillful and compassionate leaders with sustainable, positive impact, we have to do our inner work. Inner work helps improve the quality and nature of our leadership presence, cultivates psychological safety, enables belonging & unity and fuels our individual and organizational growth and performance. It's time to create a new normal together. Are you ready? "

- Michelle Lopes Maldonado

CEO & Founder, Lucenscia


  • Emotional Intelligence & Adaptive Leadership

  • Stress Resilience & The Mindful Leader

  • Inner Work, Outer Impact: Leadership Power, Presence & Performance

  • Unconscious Bias: What It Is and Why It Matters

  • Empathy & Compassion @ Work

  • Belonging, Unity & Intersectionality: Moving Beyond D&I


  • Focus, Presence & Resilience: An Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership

  • Search Inside Yourself®:         Keynote, Half-Day, Full-Day and Two-Day programs

  • Power, Presence & Impact:     A Mindful Path To Mastering Self & Leading Others™   Keynote, One-Day and Two-Day programs

  • Mindful Impact™                  

       8-Week Mindful Leadership   

       training program for teams

       and organizations.

  • Equity & Equanimity: Leading with Power, Parity & Inclusion*

         *Facilitated in partnership with

          VL Cobb Leadership Group

         ** All mindfulness programs are taught

             with a trauma-sensitive approach that

             takes into account context,

             intersectionality, perceptions of self

             and in-the-moment somatic responses.


  • True North Leadership
  • Inner Work, Outer Impact: Cultivating Leadership Presence & Performance
  • The EI Experience (Emotional Intelligence Skills Development & Assessment)
  • Systems Thinking & Conscious Culture Design
  • Unconscious Bias: Turning Discovery & Awareness into Action & Impact

  • Compassionate Leadership, Psychological Safety & Performance Impact



Six-month executive and senior leadership experience, "Power, Presence & Impact: A Mindful Path To Mastering Self & Leading Others." Program includes:

  • Multi-day in-person retreat

  • Emotional intelligence 360 assessments

  • Mindfulness ("state of mind") measurements,

  • EI-mindful leadership development focused coaching

  • Personalized action guides

  • Access to online resource portal and more

"If you are a leader in an organization, you have an ethical duty to evolve yourself so that you can evolve your organization. If you don’t, then you’re holding it back."

- John Mackey,

Co-Founder, Whole Foods Markets